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May 1, 2017 / gameofslaves

The wisdom of others…

I’m an ‘idea person’.  I get inspired and I run with it.  Left?  Right?  Up?  Fiction?  Game?  English?  Fortan?  It doesn’t seem to matter.

The positives include getting to vent my creativity in so many different ways.

The negatives include never rarely getting anything done.

My inspiration waves don’t have me running around like a manic cat on recreational chemistry, but I do get easily distracted.

I’ve been trying to follow the wisdom of others who walk the same path I’m on.  And it’s more of a challenge than I’d like to admit.  It’s easy to repeat the wisdom, but to actually walk that talk?  meh… not so much.

Start small.  – I haven’t managed it.

Finish something. – Yeah, same.

Stick to what you know. – I know way too much for my own good.


…well, normally, I’d be kind of ‘blech’ with a huge serving of ‘meh’ and a dash of ‘feh’.  But this last week, I discovered two things!

First, I have an idea for a simple game.  Not too crazy.  Just crazy enough and with plenty of room to expand, if I feel inspired…  (actually two games which meet that description, but I digress.)  …but well-defined enough to keep things simple.

Second thing I discovered?   [-REDACTED-]    Seriously.  I know I touched on it before, but ugh.  Now, that I’m inspired and have a reasonable project in mind – this happens.

I’m not making excuses.  I’m grumping.  I’m frustrated.

Borrowing from the wisdom of others, once more – as soon as I make ends meet, they move the ends.  …and my GPS isn’t helping me find those ends.

As far as a progress report goes…  I’m not feeling it.  I don’t want to focus on things I won’t have time to support.

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