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Slave Mastered

Last updated: 07JUN2014

Might be called:

  • Slave Mastered
  • Slave, Mastered
  • Slavemastered

(Still working on this one, but the name is not as important as the result.)


You are in the hands of a slave trainer (the fun kind).  This person is going to train you to be the kind of slave they want you to be.  …or at least, try.  When you are properly molded, they will decide whether to sell you or keep you as their own.

You’ll get to choose to play along, trying to be the best you can be.  You can resist, showing that you’re made of steelier stuff than being a lowly slave.  You can do both.  (But I suspect it will be difficult to do neither.)


  • The concept is laid out and I’ve begun doing the internal design work (“math”).
  • I know the overall feel of the player experience which I’m aiming for.
  • I’ve found easier/faster/more efficient ways to handle some of my data requirements.
  • Things are moving forward.
  • At this time, I do NOT need any testers.  When I do, I’ll be sure to mention it on my front page and in forums.
  • There is NO available / playable version, at this time.  Still too unstable.


  • Your opinion matters.  How you feel and what you enjoy are pivotal in this little simulation.


  • More and more events.
  • Playthrough for multiple gender expressions.
  • TG stuff. (Transgender)
  • MC stuff. (Mind Control)


  • This game is what I had originally envisioned for Game Of Slaves.
  • One of my algorithms was simplified because I didn’t didn’t want to sound arrogant… so while I was rewording my message (about how the math for a specific feature was processed) it occurred to me that my simplified explanation would work.  So, basically, innovation from ego.


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