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Works In Progress


  • Q:  How many open projects do you have?
  • A: Many.  Here’s a list of the ones which might actually see screen-time in front of someone other than myself.
  • Q: Why do some things have ++ next to them?
  • A: Content-keys.  If you see “Sex+” then it has some sexual focus.  If you see “Sex+++++” all you will see is sexual content.  It’s intended as a warning, more than anything else. *grin* (I’m not saying the content is good, just that it’s there.)  Also, this typically pertains to the perspective of the main character.
  • Q: What does the status (Dev-Hell, Meh) and stage (Writing, Coding) mean?
  • A: At the bottom of the page, I give some loose definitions.  In general, they are in order of progress.  However, sometimes actual progress is not so linear.

Updated:  2014-06-01 (Jun 1, 2014)



  • Game of Slaves
    • Status: Pending further knowledge-gain on my part
    • Stage: Design, middle stages – Concept is done.  Design is loose, but forming.
    • Primary project, with side-projects feeding into this in various ways.
    • Multi-User Domain with transformation overtones.
    • The first area, The Orphanage, is my focus right now.  There’s a primary goal for everyone who plays: get adopted.
    • Other areas will come into play when I finish the Orphanage.
  • Slave Mastered
    • Status: Active
    • Stage: Design — Concept is done.
    • Sandbox / simulator.  Might be done in Twine.
    • You are acquired by a slave trainer.  They have certain goals for you.  Do you give in to their masterful hand?  Do you resist with every fiber of your being?  Do you enjoy it, but resist anyway?
    • Note: This is what I originally envisioned when I started GoS… but GoS needed to be more… MUCH more.
    • [Transformation+/Sex+/BDSM+/Submission++]
  • Hell Breaks Loose!
    • Status: Active
    • Stage: Working.  Primary design and concept work is finished. Navigation through the ‘town’ appears to be working.  A few random events trigger.
    • Sandbox game in a highly TF environment.
    • You’re visiting a small town, when Hell breaks loose… literally.  Someone opened a gateway to HELL while you were visiting… in the shower, actually.  Are you going to try to escape?  Try to solve the mystery?  Try to close the gateway?  Or simply enjoy all the Earthly pleasures Hell has to offer?
    • [Transformation++++/Sex+/BDSM+]
  • Unpaid Debts
    • Status: Hiatus
    • Stage: Re-design… since it went all free-form on me when I wasn’t looking.
    • Twine-based game. Choose your path.
    • An old friend calls you up, asking for help with a debt he has accumulated.
  • Con’d / Conned / CONned
    • Status: Hiatus
    • Stage: Design
    • Twine-based sandbox game.
    • Inspired by a sense of loss by missing out on one of the multi-convention weekends.
    • Still not sure about the title… working on that.
    • You want to attend a non-work-related convention.  Fate seems to be conspiring against you.  …and then decides to have some fun with you… at your expense, of course.
  • My Crazy Summer
    • Status: Hiatus / Dream (as of 2014-DEC-21)
    • Stage: Coding / Writing
    • Twine-based game, different paths well-defined plot lines affecting each other.
    • Meant to explore “what could have been” during one particular Summer of my formative years.
    • That Summer, I touched on a lot of things as part of growing up: friendship, trust, sexuality, life-roles, some darker elements of life, walking the Good Paths or Dark Paths of life, and a whole lot more.  I was 13 and if I had wandered further down any number of paths, I would be a very different person than I am today.
    • After a lot of soul-searching (and not a few tears), I realized the game’s content was too personal… too close to home. There are parts of myself and my life which I am not ready to share.
    • I will admit I was worried about how the sexual elements (the kinky stuff, specifically) would be tolerated / accepted. This is especially true because of the protagonist’s age (mid-teens).  But as I contemplated, I came to realize that my own investment was too wide-open, bare, and unprotected for this to be in open-release, until I was able to heal a bit more.
    • Some parts of the content would hit too deep if I was to receive criticism on certain points.
    • Maybe some of the ideas and / or content will make its way into other games, but this is just too personal.



  • Guests of Acteon – series / anthology
    • I have started work on several stories in this vein.
    • The world is from “Slaves of Acteon“, by Alyssa S. — A law-enforcement agent is sent to a quarantined planet to apprehend a criminal who escaped there and is trying to rule the feudal-society world.  The plan was simple: find bad guy, sneakily switch his mind into another body, and send bad guy’s mind off-planet while making the bad guy’s very public image fade… all without further destabilizing a world already at war.  Big surprise – did not happen according to plan.  [BDSM+/Submission+++/Sex++/Transgender MtF TF+]
    • Alyssa S. has given open permission to write stories in Acteon.  (In her blog and by email. Just don’t monkey-about with her characters.)  …and while I could have just created a new name for the world, I want to make sure credit is granted where credit is due.
    • Game of Slaves is not taking place on Acteon.  It has its own world.
    • Len – A child of famous parents feels the need to get away for a while; a place where the fame, paparazzi, and parents cannot reach.  Welcome to Acteon.  (One chapter published in my writing blog.) [Transgender TF+/BDSM+/Sex+]
    • Josso – A minor crime lord is trying to find a place to hide from his enemies.  A long-lost associate suggests a far-off, quarantined planet with a gap in security which happened to be his own home for a few years.  Welcome to Acteon, sir.  (Not published.)
    • Teresangela – A woman of wealth and some sophistication (and much boredom) needs a change-of-pace from her usual distractions.  Her husband makes money faster than she can spend it and she’s having trouble finding new boy-toys which can hold her interest. She finds (through a very exclusive agent) an escape priced exactly how she wants it. (Not published.) [FtM TF+/Dominance++/Sex+]
  • The Orphanage – short(?) story
    • Cadence awakes in the Orphanage as a young adult with no identity: no memory, no gender, no race – a blank slate.  Cadence explores while learning more about how things work in this world, and in doing so begins to form their own identity and sense of self.  (Not published.)  [TF+++/Sex+]
    • Cadence’s tale is mostly to help me explore the Orphanage… which is the first part of  “Game of Slaves”.
  • The Other Side – series / anthology
    • A world parallel to our own in the multiverse.  A world where science never became popular, but magic did… in some ways.  Knowledge of magic became lauded and shunned by different peoples.  Mages turned against each other, trying to keep arcane advancements to themselves as they try to establish power.  People without magical talent fear and admire those with it… but the power alone isn’t enough; they need the knowledge to use it.  Mages also worked against the common people, trying to suppress advances in science, too.  “Science is magic for the common man.  It must not be allowed to grow and spread!”
    • My stories in this collection are about people who have stumbled across the divide, and how they get along (or not!), on the other side.
    • I must have… 20-some(?) stories started or outlined… some shorts, some very long…
    • I’ve been writing in this world for… many years.  I have text in old emails… on thumb drives… on old hard drives… on floppy disks… you know, the kind that are actually floppy.  (5.25″ for the purists.)
    • None completed.  None published.  We’ll see if that can change, now that I’ve come into the open with this.



  • None which I am willing to share, just yet.


  • None which I am willing to share, just yet.




  • Concept – Getting a vision laid out
  • Design – Drafting clarifications to concept, and defining scope
  • Coding – Making the design into reality… a little at a time
  • Writing – Filling the framework of the coding with fun stuff for the reader / player
  • Documenting – Listing how to use what’s been coded and written
  • Maintenance – Fix what’s broken, improve if possible




  • Active – Working on it.  It’s in my mind.  It gets attention.
  • Semi-active – I think about it periodically. I want to work on it, but it doesn’t have high priority.
  • Hiatus – On hold.  I will get back to it.  …eventually.
  • Dev-Hell – On hold.  I don’t even think about it much.
  • Dream – Not being worked on.  It’s something I’d like to get back to.
  • Meh – Not being worked on.  I might get back to it.  …or maybe not.


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