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December 31, 2017 / gameofslaves

Happy New Year

For many reasons, I’m happy to see this year come to an end.

Some good things did come about, to be certain.  I would not say I wanted this year to have never happened, but I am quite certain its end will be the mark of new beginnings.

As for my year, the best thing I have done for myself was to learn more discipline.  I set a schedule to work on my projects and I was able to keep to that schedule and push myself to work on them, even when I wasn’t feeling inspired.  For me, that’s significant growth.

I kept my schedule for more than a solid month.  At that point, my non-work time was occupied with something more important than my creativity.  Soon, I will be past that and I will be able to go back to working on my projects, much like another job.

By viewing my creative work time as a job, I was able to make progress even when I did not want to.  My work ethic is stronger than my play ethic, apparently.

Soon, I will go back to working my creative endeavors and I will be better able to get them to stages where they can be shared.

May 2018 find us all better than 2017!


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