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ABOUT … Game of Slaves (active — 22May2014)

The game will be an adventure game with roleplaying elements.  How you play and your goals will depend on you.  You will be forced into fantasy slavery, without an obvious means of escape… if you want to escape.  You have the choice of reveling in your new-found situation.


ABOUT … Hell Breaks Loose! (hiatus — 22May2014)

An adventure which is growing day-by-day.  It was intended to help me grow my skill-set as I worked on Game of Slaves.  (More info on the HBL! page under the WIP headers, above.)


ABOUT … me (Cam)

Proud nerd kinkster. I write code. I make experiences for people; others and myself.

I want to share some parts of myself and my work with others.  This is it. Welcome to it.

I am attached (sorry, people!) …but I will always be myself. (…except when I’m not.)

More… so much more… to come.


DISCLAIMER – Slavery:  All references to “slaves” and “slavery” are the fun, consensual kind!  Real slavery is a REAL issue in the world today!  This site/game is in NO WAY intended to support, glamorize, or make light of real people who suffer in very real ways, every day.  Across the world TODAY, more people are in real, non-consensual slavery than during the entire Atlantic Slave Trade.  For real.

I am new to blogging. Please bear with me/us as we grow!


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