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October 15, 2017 / gameofslaves

Still moving forward? Yep!

Yes, still… moving forward.

It’s been four weeks, and I’ve proved (to myself, at least) that I can write and code when not inspired.  More to the point, I’ve learned ‘forcing’ myself to write leads to being somewhat inspired.

Since that Saturday, I have spent time “nearly every day” writing and coding on my two primary projects.  (I said “nearly” because I did skip a day here and there, I’m not going to lie.)  Some days it was only a half-hour, and some days I put in six hours.

In 28 days, I had a combined total of over FIFTY HOURS!  (I didn’t count all my hours, so it may be as high as 70(?).  I’m keeping better tracking of hours.)  It’s not much, by many standards.  But it’s a lot when you consider my schedule, and that I’m not feeling inspired.  I prefer to write and code when inspired, I admit.  …but that course of action led to so many incomplete projects…  so, so many incomplete projects.

Right now, I’ve got outlines and I’m following them.  I’m somewhat organized.  I also have room to add more paths and story if I should feel inclined.

I have several goals.  When I meet certain goals, I’m going to release some of my work.  When I reach more goals, I will expose my Patreon account to the world… and if donations reach certain goals, I’ll be able to cut back on second-job hours so I can focus on what I enjoy doing…  coding and writing.

If I reach the point where I don’t need the second job at all, then I’ll be able to really start reinvesting into my games and stories.  I’d really like that.

I’m nervous about actually releasing… anything.  It will happen.  It will be a learning experience.

I believe I’m ready.  I’m keeping to my goals.

My next goal is to match or exceed the number of hours I’ve invested, over the same time frame.  Maybe I’ll hit a release goal before then?  Time will tell…


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