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Game of Slaves

… is a Multiplayer MUD (Multi-User Domain), text-mode interactive fiction adventrue, focusing on transformation and slavery (the fun kind).

This is my current (01JUN14) vision… I’m aiming high.



You awaken without gender, race, or memory.  You’re a blank slate. You only have your name.  You’re issued a set of gender-neutral clothing and are assigned a bunk in the “neutral zone”.

You’re in the Orphanage; a place to grow and learn as you decide who and what you want to be.

There’s only one known way out of the Orphanage… to be “adopted”.

There is a world outside the Orphanage, populated by rich and poor, human and non-human.  Only the rich can afford to pay the adoption fees.  They get to be picky about who they adopt.  If you don’t meet their needs, you will not be adopted by that person.

You will see postings on a “wanted” board.  The postings declare what the person is looking for; gender, race, appearance, skills, and abilities.  They will also list your expected duties and contract termination requirements (time, money, mutual agreement).

If you think you match, petition that person for approval.  They get to look at your stats and some history, making the decision of whether you get adopted by them.



Find a posting on the board which meets what you are willing to become.  Become that person.

Be the best choice, soonest, and be free!    …well, be selected.

* * *

After the orphanage… you will serve your new owner until you meet the end of your contract terms.  They decide your job and how much of your pay you get to keep.

If you fail to keep up your end of the bargain, you can be classified an outlaw; hunted by bounty hunters and law enforcement.  You will have no home in the city and must hide or flee.

If you meet your end of the deal, you may be set free and become a citizen.  Citizens must make their way in the world, like anyone else.  If a citizen should manage to acquire enough funding, they could then purchase someone from the Orphanage; deciding what kind of person they want working for them, just as they did for their owner.




Buyers will be able to select the age-range, gender, race, appearance, and skills of their prospective adoptees.   A short description of what you want, why, and what you can offer them is key to getting what you want. …and getting the best of them.

Any one of them may petition you for approval, some will meet your needs and some will not.  (Some may even exceed your request.)  You can approve or decline.

You should be clear about what you want.  If your slave was told they would be working in a bar as a dancer, and you expect to coerce sex-work from them then you may find them reporting you to the law for contract violations.  Or, they may simply run off and become a bandit, attacking your interests and stealing from you.  [Keep in mind, these slaves are players… they make their own decisions.]

The cost to buy a slave from the Orphanage varies, depending on a few factors:

  • how specific your request is; how many restrictions
  • level of skills you request; higher skills take longer and cost more
  • and how long your adoptee was in the system; you have no control over this, but it will affect the price {not sure about this; To Be Determined}

Example #1:

Annie goes through transformation efforts and becomes a nymph; perfect skin, fae-like face, tight and trim body.  She studies baking (master), tailoring (average), calligraphy:write (average), and learns 5 languages to fluency.

She finds a posting:

CatGirl wanted for landed business owner. Rented apartment close to work. Must be busty! Occasional intimacy will be required.  Must be able to speak GOBLIN, ELF, and COMMON.  Kitchen work required.

Age: Young Adult, Adult,

Skills: baking (avg), food prep (avg), language (goblinese, avg), language (elvish, avg), language (common, avg),

Tithing: 25%

Duration: 2 years, or cost of purchase + 25% (20,000 + 5,000) to be paid

She decides it’s worth it.  Annie learns food prep (easy enough based on her baking skill).  The languages are all covered.  She’s 20 years old, so no worries there. (No children, middle age, or seniors, apparently!)

Anything she earns, 25% will go to her owner.  The rest she will spend for herself and saving to purchase her freedom (25,000 coins).  …or she can wait two game years.

Now, Annie just has to figure out how to get cat ears and a cat tail… without getting fleas.

Once done, she petitions the posting.  She gets to write a personal note, explaining why she wants the position and why she refuses to have big boobs.  When she sends it, the buyer gets a listing of her stats and gets to read her note.  From there, the buyer will decide whether to accept Annie as his slave… at a cost of 30,000.

Example 2:

Bonemunch goes through transformation efforts and becomes a dwarf; short body, long beard, axe-fetish.  He studies Axe Specialization (master), Armor Specialization (master), and juggle (basic).

He finds a posting:

Guard wanted for banking alternative. Guido has a few non-friends. Must be intimidating. Requires occasional outings to collect payments. Sometimes requires going to strip club and brothel.  No prudes, please.

Age: any

Skills: any

Tithing: 60%

Duration: 1 year, or 15,000 (in earnings)

Bonemunch’s player thinks, ‘what the hell’.  He already has the skills and looks intimidating in the right armor.

Almost two-thirds of his income goes to his owner.   Each coin, however pays off his debt to the owner.

He petitions the posting.  He writes explaining that his height does not make him less intimidating, since he likes to chew on bones when he isn’t talking… and sometimes when he is talking.  It makes him quite feared.




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