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October 10, 2012 / gameofslaves

And so it begins…

I have been playing games of all sorts for as long as I could remember.  If a game I wanted to play didn’t exist, then I would create one.  Seriously.  The games I created weren’t always polished or detailed, but they kept me entertained.

I’m not just talking about computer games.  Long before I put my fingers on a computer keyboard, I was making games and rules with my Lego’s, telling stories, creating minor adventures, and having fun.

This brings me to this page, and this site.

I have long enjoyed interactive fiction – from Adventure to Zork; from “Softporn” to Leisure Suit Larry “Box Office Bust” (yes, they’re in the same line, and no I don’t recommend the latter); from “choosing my own adventure”(*) to this… right here.

(*= Another website author was hit with legal contact for using a service-marked phrase.)

This is Game of Slaves.

I’ve played Princess Maker, Cute Knight, and SlaveMaker, but I have yet to see a game that lets you see/play things from the opposite side.  Being a long-time gamer, I like to see new perspectives.

But Slave Maker, in reverse?   Being a long-time kinkster (in my mind, at least), such a game would get my attention!  If done right, the game could have a lot of replay value.  I have long sought such a game.  But how could it be fun, being told what to do?  And then, just the other day, it hit me how to do that!

Stay tuned for more info!

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