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October 10, 2012 / gameofslaves

Interactive Fiction and Gaming

I like games. I’ll play almost any game once… or twice… or more.

Currently, I’m playing:

  • CoC — “Why, yes, I do enjoy CoC. Wait, that sounds a bit vulgar…”
  • SlaveMaker — How many Anime characters can I put a collar onto?
  • LoTRO — Mainstream gaming?! How dare I risk my Indie-Cred.  *shrug*
  • …and a couple of others.

I’m also testing a few games. I will not list them because some of them are under NDA, and others are not ready for the public to join.

I have also been influenced by the writings / works of Alyssa S., whose fiction includes Slaves of Acteon (EPIPHANY!) and Nano.  She’s also noteworthy for the interactive fiction piece, Through Sophie’s Eyes.  I must admit I wasn’t aware she created Acteon and Sophie until recently.  But both were quite memorable.  (I have since found her blog and lurk there.)  If she gives permission, I will link to her.

I mention Alyssa S. because after I read Slaves of Acteon years ago, I sent her an email asking for permission to write stories in Acteon.  She said yes.   I have been writing many stories in that world.  (Some of those stories may end up polished and posted, if things work out.)

I have a few ideas as to how to link this project and Acteon… with her permission, of course.  Time to bounce over to her blog and initiate contact.  (She might even remember our short email interaction. I would be flattered.)

— C

(PS: This post was going to be about interactive fiction, but it worked out.)


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  1. abdul / Dec 13 2012 3:13 pm

    heya, big fan of acteon / sophies eyes. Have done some caps over at Rachel’s haven where Melody lurks as well. Her work is all great.

    • gameofslaves / Dec 13 2012 9:41 pm

      I was kind of surprised to read about a couple of other people who are taking over Sophie’s Eyes, and I look forward to seeing how things turn out with that. If they can maintain the overall feel, I will be impressed.

      Melody’s writing hits a nice, happy medium that my writing seems to miss. I’ve been reading Virt (her current long project), and I am enjoying it. (I don’t even have to mention Slaves of Acteon, do I?)

      You’re encouraged to browse my posts and please vote on my polls.

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