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September 13, 2014 / gameofslaves

Actual progress. Finally.

Someone wiser than myself once advised: Start small. No, seriously, smaller than that.

Well, as I’ve been writing here, I have been trying to follow that wisdom.  (“Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.”)

I have finally reached a project which I am managing to keep in simple scale. I expect I’ll do an out-of-scope version, as well…  or at least, start one. *grin*

The down-side to this new project is that it is based on my actual past.

In many respects, I’m happy to share some of the brighter elements of my past. In other respects, I don’t like revealing so much of my personal life.

I’m doing it anyway.

I’ve changed a lot of the characters’ names, just in case someone might get in trouble.  Sometimes it’s hard, though… keeping the names different… because I’m pulling from memory for many parts of the story-game. Some parts of some paths will be pure fiction, of course… and other parts will be glossed to put a shine on otherwise tarnished moments of reality.

I’m working on another principle wisdom: Write what you know.

I know transgenderism. I know kinks and fetishes. I know polyamory. I know computers / programming / coding. I know writing. I know… a lot of crap.

I don’t know that this first project will be released for one and all, but I will use it to inspire me in my open projects.

Also… I have learned a few tricks in Twine which should make “Slave Mastered” into a better game.

Finally, THANK YOU ALL for your patience as I work through my issues and concerns.  I don’t have many public comments, but my page-views keep increasing… so I know you’re out there, waiting.  I know you’re there.  And I appreciate your patience.

– Cam

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