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December 9, 2014 / gameofslaves


I’ve been trying to write even when I’m not inspired.  In the fewest words possible: it is not very easy.

That said, I have been sitting down to write when I feel no inspiration, and nothing comes of it.  …or so little and so empty, that I don’t feel inclined to continue.  In the last week (since my last post), I have tried five times to write and all I get are short drabblings.  I hope they will be useful at a later stage when I feel inspired but find myself without material.

Something I’ve noticed… Every so often I like to play “Bully” (a/k/a “Canis Canem Edit”) and it always seems to  inspire me… to write a school sandbox.  And I am holding off on making one for a number of reasons.  The largest of those reasons is my already full platter of projects… though I may include some of the concepts into another game.  On the flip side, it is a small-ish project which is what I’m supposed to do before working on bigger projects.  Tough call here.

In other news: My employer is willing to pay for me to learn skills which may be handy in my profession.  Lucky for me that includes programming languages (some).  Unlucky, they don’t don’t pay/provide some of the tools to make my life easier.  If I want a good dev environment and tools, I must supply my own.  Also unlucky, not a lot of time… right now…

Holiday break is coming up and the company I support takes a winter break.  So… lucky, I guess.  *grin*

So what’s next?  That’s a tough call.  Honestly… I want to see a few of my projects come closer to completion. Since inspiration is not a factor, right now, I have options.  I’m not at the whim of my subconscious’ fancy. Actually, I know what I’m going to work on.  (A long-term writing project.)  …and that will suffice to meet my fiction “requirement”.  And for my programming side…  I’ll revamp the inventory control code I wrote for The Game.

I was looking at my old code… and while ‘inspired’ it did work… but it is some ugly, ugly code.  It needs help.

Yes, a game will be forthcoming from me… but I cannot say when.  Seriously.  Don’t know.

…so many ideas… and so little discipline to get it done.

Heh!  If I say I need discipline, I know several people who would be willing to give me some.  Must watch my words!

Tah! for now.

TL;DR — Same-same. More insight. Not feeling inspired but pushing through… slowly. Teaching myself discipline because I don’t want others to teach me… at least not right now.

— Cam

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