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December 10, 2015 / gameofslaves

What’s news in Cam’s world?

Yes, it’s been over a month.  With holidays and life’s stresses… it can’t be helped.  If this was a paying gig, you can be certain I’d make more progress than… well, what you see.

I have been working through a couple of projects, of course.  The top-down method of project management is working surprisingly well.  It doesn’t feel like it has the same “magic” as inspired creativity, but it also isn’t floundering waiting for another bolt of inspiration to strike nearby.  (Also, my feedback from two testers has been generally positive.)

I’m also writing fiction based on one of my game-design projects, to shunt some of the inspiration to something so I don’t feel like it’s being wasted.

[Mini-Rant BEGIN]

In my world of creativity…  I feel conflicted on a couple of things.

I’ve been reading the writings of a couple of “feminist gamers” and largely finding myself /facepalm‘ing and /huh‘ing with equal parts exasperation and curiosity.  Some of what they say has merit.  Most of it is going overboard.  (In my opinion.)  I strongly suspect they’re asking for the moon in hopes of actually receiving a stone.  It’s a tactic negotiators use…  need ten?  Ask for twenty and show how badly you need twenty… when you’re denied, “settle” for fifteen.  When that fails, and you ask for ten, then you get your ten.   It’s stupid and frustrating, but it works.

I feel like they (the “feminists”) are not seeking to change minds and viewpoints as much as they seem to be attempting outright manipulation… and I resent the feeling of being manipulated, and I want to rebel.

I’m not getting into the flame-wars, debates, name-calling, etc.  I’m simply not getting directly involved.  However, my works are very likely to agitate some people, and I’m going to have to accept that.  Sometimes I write strong female characters who inspire greatness in those around them.  Sometimes I write weak and meek, mewling little cum-sluts who want nothing more than to sate the base lusts of a strong man.

I write a lot of different things.  Not all are going to appeal to everyone.  I write, primarily, to appeal to what I want*… and what I want* changes.  I do not want to limit my diet of entertainment and creativity to one specific flavor-profile.

Oh, and to be clear: ‘what I want‘ is in reference to entertainment.  My real life wants and needs are different than my play-time wants.  I know the difference, and I can keep them separate.

[Mini-Rant END]

So now that I have mini-ranted, I suppose I’m not so conflicted after all.  *proud smile*


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