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February 13, 2017 / gameofslaves

Another month flies by…

Again, more time flies by.  Still, I keep writing and working…  researching and prepping.

I have more than a few storylines I’m working on while I try to decide what kind of game(s) they would make… and trying to decide which game engine to use.

TWINE is easy to use, but only now am I learning how to use it for sandbox sims.

RAGS is also easy to use, good for simulated environments but limited and difficult to work with, from a coding and programming perspective.  (Someone was kind enough to get me a license so I could break beyond the five-room limit.  I figured out how to get past that limit, but it was unfair to the developer, so I held back on abusing it.  Also, it’s just easier.)

Inform7 is powerful and flexible, but it’s all command-line driven and that frustrates a lot of people… even when you throw in hyperlinks to make things clickable… it’s not enough to keep people happy.  (I’ll admit there are times when I don’t want to play a command-line game, so I’ll play something else.  But there are times when that is what I want…  maybe I’m an odd-sock in that regard.)

Ren’Py has so much potential and is largely dialogue-driven.  I like to think I’m good at dialogue.  I’ve seen a variety of games use Ren’Py and many of them have a similar feel, but there are some who have taken the engine and done some amazing things, breaking away from the mold(s) created by previous games.

(I’m also considering doing some dialogue-heavy work in EPISODE, which is intended for mobile devices.  I’ve been looking at their script engine and it has potential.)

RPG Maker (in its various flavors) is very much the choice for JRPG-style games like the first Zelda and Final Fantasy games.  I have only see a slim few variations on the standard style.

There are a few MUD options now, too.  I’ve been tinkering with a few of them.  Again, command-line driven, but allowing for multiple players to interact in real-time without having to generate 3D environments, models, and animations.  (Though there are a few of those coming down the pipeline in terms of licensing and ease of use.)

Then again, there’s custom work in Java, Python, PyGame, and Flash / ActionScript.

There are also other options, but I wanted to limit the list to the ones I’ve delved into most.

Each engine has strengths and weaknesses for differing types of games.  So the big issue becomes a matter of matching the engine to the style of play (and my ability to work with it) which will best suit the story I decide to work on.

As for the stories…  I’ve got more than a few that I can use.  Some of them, I’ve just been writing as stories to flesh out the game-worlds and story potential.  I’m working with everything from G-rated to very naughty and kinky, slice-of-life to sci-fi and fantasy… and several combinations thereof.

I’ll release some samples of what I’m toying with on my usual sites… but I wanted to give a quick write up before sleep… since I realized it’s been so long.

Also!  The ‘sissy thing’…  I’ve never really been able to wrap my brain around the appeal.  (Sorry, not my thing.)  But I have connected with someone who has been able to give voice to it in a way which makes sense to me.  I’ll be using said sissy to bounce ideas and we’ll see what comes from that.

I’m off to rest.  I didn’t check this for typos and improper wording… please forgive any such.  G’night.


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