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December 5, 2012 / gameofslaves

Somewhere between here and there…

As I sit here, waiting for something VERY boring at work, I had some time to ponder this project.  Truth be told, I ponder this thing quite often.

When I first realized how I could do this, and make it work from a design standpoint, I was quite fired up and ready to go.  So much so that I paid for the domain name and started reserving the userID on various social networks.  Not all of them, I know, but the ones which are most important to me.

I had certain goals in mind with this game, and I hope to accomplish the most important ones, but I don’t want to give up on the smaller ones.  Maybe I’m just greedy.  (Okay, no “maybe”.)

As development stands, I’m at a bit of a standstill.  I’m seriously torn between Java and Flex.  Anyone have any ideas?  (I’ll be posting the question to Fenoxo’s general “Adult Games” forum.  If you’re reading this from that site, WELCOME!)

I’m working on a piece of short fiction to help present some of the content I’ve been working on.  It’s pretty generic now, but it will tighten up with time.  I think I’ll post the fiction before I post my general question on Fen’s forum.  (Sneaky me? Maybe.  We’ll have to see if my ploy works, first.)

– Cam

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