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February 20, 2013 / gameofslaves

Updates? What updates?

I fell behind on my intended update schedule (trying for a minimum of one per week).

With that in mind, I have been working on a number things… remember when I said I wanted to focus on one thing and get it done? Yep? Well, no.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

Here’s a list of things I’ve been up to for the last… um… few weeks.

  • Hell Breaks Loose — has run into a bit of a major technical snag, and there may not be a way around it.  I figured out how to fix the obstacle of dynamic map connections, which are not supported.  However, I am running into a URL-length limitation of TWINE and various browsers.  (Every time you make a selection, the pages add a few characters to the URL as an easy way to track your path. But browsers have a limit, and after so many moves… BLECH!)
  • Guests of Acteon — I posted the first chapter to my fiction blog, and it seems to be positively received… in that it’s getting a fair number of hits, and no one is bothering to complain or critique.  In the realm of the Internet, silence means I’m either doing alright or failing in such an embarrassing way that no one wants to be associated with me.  Being an optimist, I’m taking it as “doing alright”.
  • Guests of Acteon — (semi-continued) …oh, and I have a few more chapters fleshed out. They’re just waiting on being polished.  (A few places seem to drag on longer than expected.) Next posting to come as soon as polishing has progressed enough.
  • Dishonored — Playing the game, and really enjoying it so far.  (I am STEALTHY!)
  • *Kinda-Secret Project* — I’m working on an existing game, and revising it.  It hasn’t been updated in a year, but it hasn’t been abandoned.  The author posted the source, to inspire others and I’ve been hacking it to have features that I felt were missing. I’m not going to post any specifics on it until I get approval from the author… who has no idea what I’m up to.
  • *Super-Secret Project* — I’ve been asked to go over some code for a game idea which may go into development. On the plus-side, it feeds into my gaming needs.

So, yeah…  I keep busy.  (Since I do have a full-time sweetie and a full-time job, free time is never free.)

– Cam-Cam

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