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October 24, 2013 / gameofslaves

Anniversary? A whole year…

Anniversary token

So… Yeah.  Wow.

It’s been a whole year.  I know I’m repeating myself, but…  It’s odd to find myself at a loss for words.  In fact, that’s why it took me a couple of weeks to write this.  I suppose this is a good time for a little bit of reflective thought.

This project has been eye-opening.  I’ve had the time to work without deadlines and I’ve been documenting a fair amount of my work, play, and research. (Private blog entries.)  I took some time to re-read through a number of my posts and started seeing some trends.  I have cycles of push and pull, on the creative front; where I feel a NEED to create and build, and then when I feel a NEED to accept, appreciate, and just play. (…games, movies, TV shows, etc.)

Being able to see the ebb and flow has opened my eyes to some elements of my life.  So, while I may not have made so much progress in the game, I have seen returns to my life.

Now, after having waxed so poetic, I have been making some progress with my various projects, but I have been trudging through.  I am currently in the less productive phase but I’m coming up into the productive phase.  (Seems to happen this time of year since I remember starting a number of my projects in Autumns past.)

I’m working on a couple of projects with Inform7 while I’m also studying a bit more about Java and Flex / Flash.  There must be a happy medium, somewhere.

I worked with an early version of Java, back in the 90s, and had some successes. But it has changed a lot and grown, so that’s both good and bad.  Flash also has some limitations and a lot of benefits, but it’s also expensive and pretty foreign to me (from a programming language perspective).

And for the one person who emailed me and suggested HTML5: It is good, but not what I’m looking for.  Thank you, though.

And that should suffice as an annual State of the Project report.  🙂


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