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September 5, 2013 / gameofslaves

So, yeah… Still alive!

Well, I’ve set a new record by going almost two months without posting.  But I bring GOOD THINGS this time!  (Well, somewhat.)

Game of Slaves — is going to have to hold indefinitely.  My primary goal was to monitor the player’s responses to events and guide the game play based on that info.  For the info I want to track, with the processing I want, it’s going to have to be a standalone game… unless I can stumble across a rocking-ly efficient game engine. Not likely, unless I can get some help.  …also not likely.

Hell Breaks Loose — is still getting a good amount of my attention while I study Inform7. I have a lot of things I can implement, but I don’t know if I want to throw everything into one basket.  So far, HBL is becoming more organic than when I was first doing the data tables, NPCs, and maps.  I may have to store the gameplay page (which will host the game) on another server.  It all depends on what I can manage here at WordPress.  (The others (2) I’ve seen were both at another blog site.)  We shall see…

Helwood (working title) — has been in the making for a while now.  I was inspired after playing Bully (by Rockstar Games).  This one is currently intended to be more strategy, so it’s taking a while to figure out. More info to come as I work it out.

Inform7 — as a game engine, is much more flexible than I originally thought. There’s so much I can do!  Granted, it doesn’t offer the highest performance, but it looks like it’ll do the job for several of my projects as long as I keep them to a respectable scale!  (That means keeping down the feature creep, and all the extras, if I want to keep games playable in a browser. The Java player for Inform7 has a fair amount of overhead.)

Fiction — Have 5 chapters of one story nearly done, but I’m still not happy with chapter 2.  (I’ll have to find a couple of beta-readers, somewhere.)  I have other stories in the works. Sadly, I cannot post a couple of them, since I want to see them in print, and more publishers are putting the kibosh on posting works in progress which are intended for commercial publication.

And that should wrap up this status update.

— Cam

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