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July 9, 2013 / gameofslaves

Stupid new project…

Here I am, admitting yet another project is in the works.  *grumble*

I get inspired sometimes, and I feel the need to build or create… SOMETHING based on that inspiration.  There are a lot of times I can push my inspiration into an existing project, and then there’s the more common scenario where the two just won’t mesh very well.

Hell Breaks Loose is still in progress.  It has been delayed by a “bit”, though.

The truth is a little complex, but there is a simplified version.  I’ve really been caught up in a couple of “simple” adventure games which are not so simple.  They actually have a fair amount of content, and have been driving me bonkers as I play the completionist and try for every path possible.  Heheh…  yeah.   I’m not saying I expect any players of my games to be completionists, too, but just that I know we’re out there.   …and that I’m one of them.

Also… (I’m sure you saw this coming…) I have seen inspiration for YET ANOTHER project.

It’s another mea culpa, and it’s more time spent on something other than one of my current projects.

*gently rests forehead against desk*

So… yeah.

So… which way do I turn?  Do I work on getting existing projects done, or do I turn a new direction and build anew using what I’ve learned?

I think I will continue to dedicate time to what has been started while allowing time for the new stuff… and once again my time is thinned.  *shrug*

So… yeah.

— Cam

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  1. arcade game / May 18 2014 8:00 am

    Yes! Finally something about free game.

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