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June 12, 2013 / gameofslaves

Progress! Yes, really!

I am actually making progress!  It’s nothing worth posting but it is moving in the right direction.

Hell Breaks Loose will see the light of day in a few weeks (I’m trying to be realistic!) if I can keep up at my current pace.  It will be Alpha, and in need of a LOT of balancing… probably.  I have a generalized idea of how I expect things to progress as I build everything the world needs.

I have:

  • Story
  • Goals
  • Layout for one part of the world
  • Really good idea of how I want the mechanics to function

I need to spend time:

  • Finishing the coding (duh)
  • Writing detail & flavor text
  • Detailing NPCs

I currently have demands on my time, but I’m fortunate that my job is making fewer demands on my time… meaning I have more time for design, coding, and writing.

For the record, I’m currently focused on using Inform7 to build HBL.  It looks like it’ll do everything I want and more, and I’ll be able to host it from an HTML page (or so I hear).  Learning a new programming language and paradigm isn’t the easiest thing, but I do enjoy the challenge and I hope it will be worth it.

…world keeps on spinnin’…

– Cam

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