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January 26, 2014 / gameofslaves

Update: Game of Slaves


Who’d’ve thought I’d work on this piece… umm… Okay, I know I said it was on hiatus, but… yeah, it’s still going.

Short version:

Progress is being made, but from a different direction than I had originally intended.

Long version:

I REALLY work on games because they are kind of game I want to play.  🙂  And I write stories because they are the kind I want to read.  So in truth, I create for entirely selfish reasons and I balance that selfishness by sharing my work with those who are interested… if I think they’re good enough to share.  🙂

A few months back I put Game of Slaves on official hiatus because I felt the concept was too big for what I was capable of reaching, at the time.

Time passed.  I played other games.  I did some writing (still in editing).  I worked.  I slept.  I dreamed.  …et cetera.

Once again I was inspired to start something new — I’m always starting things, remember? — and once I got over the guilt (about a minute), I started work on it.

The inspiration:  I was talking with someone about a game I was playing, and they said “I like some things about it, but I don’t like other things.”  We talked about the lists of things and came to a good, solid basis for a game.  I put a creative twist on it and DING! an idea was hatched for a story to take place in that game.

A month later… while I’m working on my new idea, taking what I like and what worked from HELL BREAKS LOOSE! …it suddenly dawns on me… after a month of work:  I was working on Game of Slaves.

Really?  But…  How…  Hangonasec… *thinking* …yup.  It’s GoS.  *sigh*  It’s off hiatus… again.

TL;DR:  So there’s the gist of it.  Game of Slaves is off hiatus.  It’s under active construction.  It’s got a different story to it, but the mechanics are the same game.

By the way “TL;DR” means “too long; didn’t read”.  It also means “I’m a nerd. Sorry.”

– Cam

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