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June 2, 2014 / gameofslaves

Weekend Update

…with apologies to the SNL folk.

This weekend was pretty active, in the creative sense:

  • Updated the GoS link on my menu bar, added an Intro page and putting the Features page beneath.
  • Gave some examples of how I want GoS to play.
  • Posted like mad to a forum where I’ve been lurking and playing / reading for over a year.
  • Bounced ideas off the forum folks and they really seemed into what I’m doing here.
  • Watched my visit-counter climb with each post to that forum… yes, the URL for this site is in my sigline.
  • Found that there is a serious interest in the game I originally envisioned when I decided to do GoS.
  • …added another game to my WIP list.  (see above entry *grin*)
  • Tried explain an extremely complex algorithm, but I decided to dumb it down so I wouldn’t seem so pompous.
  • Face-palmed myself when I saw the dumbed-down version of the algorithm and realized: Holy crap! That would work! And it’s easier, faster, less resource intensive!  … BETTER!
  • I arranged to acquire another machine for my home network, so I can tinker around with the MUD without tying up my desktop machine quite as much.  It’s an older box, but it’s going in the second room so I don’t have to hear it or deal with the heat… yay summer.
  • Did some much-needed planning on plots for a couple of active projects because they needed to be constrained.  Seriously.



So… yeah, got a lot of creative stuff done.

I’m looking forward to next weekend, if things continue at this current rate!

— Cam

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