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June 8, 2014 / gameofslaves

RANT: Transgenderism & Fetishes


A couple of days ago, I got a message from someone (preferring to remain anonymous, apparently) who felt insulted that my games (and ideas for them) “fetishized transgenderism” in a negative way.  And that “focusing on sissy lifestyle was doing nothing to empower those who struggle every day with a very real problem”.

The message was intelligent, well worded, and fairly well thought-out, in making the points it was intended to make.  (I considered that it might be a troll, trying to bait me.  But there was too much thought in it, too much reasoning, and too much restrained emotion.)

I feel, however, that the writer should have done a little more research before coming to me about such a thing, in the manner they chose to do it.

First, I’d like to think, by my writing and my tone that they would grant me the dignity of being able to respond privately, to clear the air in a mature manner.  However, since they gave me no other outlet for my response, this leaves me with responding publicly.  [Author:  If you’d prefer to go private, send another note and be sure to include a little more detail about your “P.S.” note.]

Second, by sending anonymous, I don’t think you’re being a coward.  I think you’re trying to protect yourself , probably from being “outed”.  But you’re also protecting yourself from my own rebuttal / reply.  (Whether this last part was purposeful, or not, I’m left to guess.)

Third, I will respect the privacy of those who ask for it.  I’d expect the same in return.

Now, to the meat of the message…

Some people do fetishize transgenderism; quite true.  Some people also fetishize shoes, cars, and even dirty socks.  It seems Rule #34 did not originate the sexualization everything, but rather was created to make us aware that such things are easier to find on the Internet.

Yes, I’m providing material which will appeal to those fetishists, but I am not doing so for them.  It’s like telling Honda to stop making cars because there are people who find themselves sexually attracted to their vehicles.  (I’m not even joking.)  …or perhaps telling people to stop having children because there are people who find themselves attracted to them, too.

Also, I’m trying to provide material in a manner which empowers TG folk, by treating the equally with cis-gendered player avatars.

Transgenderism is something I’m very aware of… and the realities that go along with it.  I prefer to think of myself as gender-fluid. Meaning that I shift gender perspectives as it suits me.

If anything, I’m catering to fantasies for all who enjoy playing these kinds of games, whatever their fantasies may be.

I don’t recall ever saying I was going to put in any sissy content.  (and to be honest, I’ve been a little reticent to do so, but NOT because of that message!)    I still haven’t made up my mind, yet.  I may just do it, but not to spite the author of the message, but because it has been requested.

We shall see.

Thank you for reading.

— Cam

TL;DR — I’m not pandering to anything.  I’m living it and looking to put a spin on it so it becomes “fun escapism”.  If others wish to partake, and perhaps enjoy, so be it.  It is their prerogative.

SIDE NOTE:  Rule #32 – Everything is a fetish.  No exceptions.

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