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June 12, 2014 / gameofslaves

Slave Mastered – update

Just thought I’d take a minute and share some of the events happening since I opted to throw myself into making Slave Mastered.

I spent a long stretch coding like mad.  I was inspired. I was writing like mad.  I fell asleep at the computer, and when I woke up… the folder and all the content was g – o – n – e…  gone.

I found several shortcuts throughout the OS which referred to the files and folder, but no folder… and no files.

I checked “recycle”. I checked my network shares.  Nada.

I was deflated and crushed.

So, after spending a few hours creating virtual havoc and destruction (Xbox 360) to vent some steam from the frustration and loss, I started again….

…from scratch.

This time through, I’ve not felt that same inspired rush as words and ideas come flowing.  However, I believe I’m making smarter choices as I go.  I’m thinking through what I am doing, not just what I can do.  First time through, I created so many variables to track so many things for some very fun and interesting events and triggers… or potentially so.

This time, I don’t have to manage twelve variables every time you’re asked an opinion or experience an event.  (I only had 5 events done, and each required twelve variables to be addressed. I had to copy-paste, for sanity’s sake.)  If I was dealing with a more robust system, and this was going to be a for-profit venture… and I was aiming for a true-er artificial intelligence experience… and I had a good budget… and I didn’t have a full-time job…  and a full-time life… and… and… and… well, if things were different, then I’d keep up with those bajillion variables, making for a really robust experience.

For now, still in alpha-dev stage, I’m keeping it simple and smart.  Lean and mean.

…and I’m saving constantly.

…and I’m pushing backups of the work to another computer. (Every couple hours of work.)

…and I’m putting the work away when I start to nod-off at the computer.

…and it’s slower-going.

…and it will be easier to maintain.

…and it will be easier to expand.

…and… I think I like this version more.

It’s not inspired creativity, it’s calculated creation.

I’m taking the slow-and-sure method over the quick-n-dirty.

It’s a change of M.O. for me…  and I think I might like it.  Still not sure yet.


— Cam

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