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August 8, 2014 / gameofslaves

Naughty Fiction – Full Disclosure (rant)

… or pretty full disclosure, depending on your perspective.

It has come to my attention that some people who know me in real life have stumbled across this blog and my projects.  (Whether they know it’s me, or not, is still open… I didn’t ask.)

To save myself some stress and having to repeat myself, I’m going to come clean and admit that these topics are in my range of interests.

I enjoy speculative fiction, transformation, and alternative lifestyle elements as aspects of escapism.

This doesn’t change who I am, or what I am.  “I am what I am.”

To be clear, I am not into everything I write!

I could write about two people fighting to the death; this doesn’t mean I want to beat someone to a pulp.  I could write about two women having a lickfest while riding on the back of a dragon.  …doesn’t mean I want to ride a dragon.  (I do want to ride a dragon, but that’s not a reasonable expectation from my writing.)

If I write about a 12ft tall hermaphrodite succubus unceremoniously railing random people in rapid succession (yes, I wrote such a scene), it does not mean I want that done to me.

Seriously, the idea of having a foot of man-meat inside me does not thrill me.  But… I know it appeals to some.  I’m not going to grief people about their kinks and fetishes.  (Your fetish may not be my fetish, but I respect your desires.)

I will have scenes (some fairly descriptive) in my writing and projects which do not appeal to me.  As a writer, it happens.

Please do not take it upon yourself to presuppose my inclinations based on my writing.

Thank you for listening to my rant.  I’ll post something about Slave Mastered soon.

– Cameron D.


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  1. Anonymous / Aug 10 2014 11:09 pm

    Sorry to hear that your internet life has collided with your real life. I know it would be unpleasant for me to be outed in a way that I couldn’t control. I hope it goes well for you. And just remember, more than likely, if they saw this blog, they’re probably into the things involved in your writing, so hopefully that provides some solace.

    • gameofslaves / Aug 11 2014 2:54 pm

      Fortunately, I haven’t been outed… yet.

      Someone, I’ll call Z, was talking with me about upcoming games we were excited to see. He mentioned that he was into “indie games” and how he “found a site that had a while bunch of free ones… some’re old-school text adventures and others used newer stuff like graphics and sound.”

      Of course, I was thinking maybe he found a flash site, or one of the other (many) game sites I peruse.

      Then he mentions he is “kinda interested in” human-animal transformation, but he uses other words indicating he’s either unfamiliar, or thinks I am. I can’t stop my mouth and I say, “oh, you mean anthro TF. Yeah, I’m familiar.”

      So, long story short, he outed himself to me when he told me he was interested in Slave Mastered… which he didn’t mention by name, but he described it well-enough.

      *stunned – blink, blink*

      Me: “I’ve been to that site a few times… some challenging text adventures. I follow a couple of authors who post on the site, and other sites.”

      I skirted the whole TF thing… and game author thing… and… yeah.

      In a way, I feel like I wimped out.
      In a way, I feel secure, knowing I can handle that kind of situations.
      In a way, I feel a tad bit creeped that such a person is so close to my world of employment.
      In a way, I feel evil, because I now have him over a barrel if I need something from him.

      He mentioned a couple of games titles I know are MtF TG games… playing like I hadn’t heard of them. Not sure if he was into that, or checking to see if I am. Hm.

      So that’s the rest of the story.

      If someone were to out me, I’d own it with pride… and until then, I’m going to stand behind the curtain and scare the locals. 😉

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