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July 29, 2014 / gameofslaves

Slave Mastered – Currently…

Last week, I took another break… yes, I admit it.

I wasn’t working on another project. I was working extended hours during the day, and spending time during the week playing Destiny’s Open Beta.  (Oh, and don’t ask about leaving a window open during a rainstorm… after you’ve moved a computer in front of said window to keep it cool because you’re in Midsummer and it’s freaking HOT and you’re not prepared for rain.)

I’ve been having a lot of fun writing scene elements for Slave Mastered.  I get to write Dom, and I get to write Sub.

Personally, I like my play on the lighter side… with occasional delving into the heavier stuff… when it’s done right.  I do plan to try my hand at writing some harder stuff… this will be a first for me… writing harder play, but I know if I do it well then it will push the right buttons for some people… perhaps myself, too.

Truth be told, most of the scenes are incomplete.

Some need to be scaled-back because I was being too ambitious… some just seem to be missing zing, for lack of a better word.  And, a couple, well… are difficult to finish because I get distracted… sometimes… because I don’t like to fap and write at the same time.  Seems to be a bad mix for me.  *wink*

I just read the above text…  sub-mode? Looks like.

Sorry about that.

On another topic…   I’ve noticed a few trends on one of the sites / forums I follow.

First:  People posting alpha games for the general public, and leaving them in alpha… with very little content.

Another trend:  People downloading / playing alpha-stage games and then being really unhappy when there isn’t much game to the game.  …then they rate the games poorly.  (Yes, it’s their right; I’m not denying them that.)

I don’t want to be involved in either of those trends.  I want to make sure that my first release(s) possess some real content… and I don’t want people complaining about what I do produce (for lack of content).  I know there will always be some people who will not be happy.  I know there are some people who will gripe and complain no matter what I provide.  …but I’d like to do it without hanging a bullseye around my neck.

TL;DR: Still going… and going… and trying not to embarrass myself.  I’m okay with accepting failure… as long as I produce from a real, solid effort.  Failing from a half-assed attempt not okay.  And succeeding from a half-assed attempt is even worse, I think.  Maybe I over-think things.

– Cameron


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  1. Winterim / Jul 30 2014 2:40 am

    *Gasp* A break?! Only humans take those! Either you’re NOT a faceless, game-writing machine with pervy coding, or you’re a very clever one…

    On a more serious note, I agree wholeheartedly on the alpha release topic. As long as you’ve found a pace you’re comfortable with, I think most folks would be pleased enough to wait. The only thing I’d ask is to keep making these blog posts! Even when you think you haven’t made much progress gamewise, they provide a nice insight for the reader into what you’re thinking and where you’re wanting to take it. And of course it teases us, but I’m sure that’s COMPLETELY unintentional, eh? 😛

    • gameofslaves / Aug 4 2014 2:46 pm

      The tease element was unintentional? …yeah, sorta. >;-) But sharing the insight is all up-front.

      Honestly, part of it is a chance to record my thinking so when I come back to something and I think ‘what the heck was I thinking’, I might just have an answer for myself. 😉

      I wonder how the smileys are going to turn out.

      I’m comfy with the pace… sorta. I’d like to be able to focus more, but I’ve got some non-fun junk going on and I’m trying to juggle it all. (More info in my next blog post.)

      But! I am making progress, and I do like that. It beats being left on a shelf untouched… for years… like some of my projects.

      Also… feeling the ‘obligation’ to work on this blog helps to motivate me.

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