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November 19, 2014 / gameofslaves

Delays? Progress? Huh?


So I have been away for a bit.

I took a vacation (stayed at home, veg’ed, played one the newer games which came out recently, etc).  It seems my employer actually wants us to use the vacation time we’re given, and knocked points from my annual review (last year) because I only used a portion of it.  This year, I made sure to make good use of it.  [I feel EXTREMELY privileged to have a job… moreso, one which gives paid vacation time as a perq, but it is still a bit of an alien concept to me.]

So, I didn’t do much of anything for the last… *looks at calendar* month?

Yep. Life can be sweet.


Not much to speak of.  MUCH inspiration to shape current projects and even start some new ones!. *sheepish*


My creative cycle, as I’ve learned from reading this blog, waxes and wanes; I become more productive and create more stuff as it waxes, while I am more receptive (watching, playing) when waning.

Reading over my last post I saw signs of the waning portion of my cycle, and last week was evidence of it to an extreme.  🙂

We shall see how things go from here… of course.

TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) — Took a break. It was good. I’m back, I think.

– Cam

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