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June 24, 2015 / gameofslaves

Updates and meh

Well, it’s been nearly a month since my last update.  Meh.

I spent a few days playing with my Sugarcube / Twine release of Hell Breaks Loose!, and then lost my steam.  Meh.

On a brighter note… I have been using Notepad++ as my non-coding text-editor-of-choice for a few years.  (The built-in spell-check is extremely handy.) It has a lot of support for coding, but I’ve never really used it for that.  I was doing my writing for Twine in NP++ and then pasting it into Twine and then have to edit THAT for the code-aspects of Twine.  Meh.

Now I have an add-on for Notepad++ which does on-the-fly context-coloring for people who are writing Twine.  VERY handy, very nifty.  Now, all I have to do is actually set aside time to write.  Meh.

I’ve spent a good portion of the last few weeks working on moving stuff (actual physical boxes) from one storage location to another and it has been a fair amount of work… but since it’s largely manual labor, my brain has been going over-time creating ideas for stories and games.  Lots of creative + little output = Meh.

I did spend some time playing a game where you train a princess and turn her from prim and proper to slutty and depraved.  I figured out which engine was used and have studied it a bit.  Turns out there are more than a few commercial games which use that engine (GPL’d, so no charge to use even for commercial purposes).  I have more than a few ideas for ways to use that engine… but still, no time.  Meh.

Also, the engine (Ren’py) lends itself to graphics-focused play.  Games / stories without images seem VERY bland and dull.  Now, I just need a talented artist who can portray the images in my mind… or I can learn to draw.  Double-meh.

Aside from that, the moist heat we’ve had the last couple months is draining my will to… anything.  Meh, again.

But I have air-conditioning (at work and at home)… so that helps a lot.  That’s the brightest part of this update.  No need for a meh.


— Cam

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