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May 28, 2015 / gameofslaves

RELEASED a Nav-Demo for HBL!

Okay.  It’s done.  I finally shared some code.  It’s substandard.  It’s incomplete. It doesn’t reflect what I want the game to be.

But I did it!

I was under some pressure, from myself, but I saw an opportunity and I could not bring myself to pass it up.

I’ve been working on Hell Breaks Loose and then I saw that TFGS had added game #665 to their database… which meant the next game on the site HAD TO BE MINE.  It just… had to… you know?

And so it is.

HBL! is game #666 over there, and I find myself tickled pink by that notion.  How could one ask for better advertising?

So now I’m actively working on it again, because it MUST meet some standards.  Really, it must.  …and it will… as soon as I can make it so.


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