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May 21, 2015 / gameofslaves

Public Apology

I want to post a public apology to someone who inspired me.

An author who trusted me started telling me about a story idea she had, and I liked it… a lot.  She was still working out a number of plot elements and was looking for feedback and creative support.

I liked the idea.  It inspired me greatly.  

The more we talked the more inspired I was to make a game based on it.  I commandeered her idea and took it to be something outside her control.  I had been toying with such an idea for years, but never really had a good spin on a tired genre until then.

She stopped replying to me but I continued working on it.

I kept trying to get her to work with me more about her story so I’d have more source material.  In my head it was more like fanfic (a creation intended to show respect and admiration for someone’s work, to help it become greater), but she saw it as something else.

She was respectful, and she told me what was on her mind.  I really appreciate the strength it took her to tell me how she felt, and I applaud her for it.

She didn’t ask for this apology.  I’m offering it freely and publicly.

I am sorry I was taking what was yours and changing it without your permission.  I hope you will forgive me and choose to work with me again sometime.  Your idea struck me as unique and worthwhile, obviously.  Many of your ideas are very worth my time and attention.  I will try to prevent this from happening again.  Please keep me in mind for future brainstorming.

I went public with this because I felt it an appropriate way to show my sincerity.

– Cameron

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