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May 13, 2015 / gameofslaves

Rant – Quality control and money (or “Really? You got paid for that?!”)

This is a rant.  You’re welcome to ignore this if you’d like.  I discuss quality, money, and my personal perspectives.  Not really related to any of my projects, but something I felt I needed to vent.  For me, it is important.  Thank you.

I’ve played a lot of games of my years.  Many were computer games.  Many were not.  Most were largely forgettable.

There were more than a few that I have gone back to, over time, to replay.  Sometimes the replay was for nostalgia.  Sometimes it pulls up memories.  Sometimes it makes me appreciate the technology we have today.  Sometimes I lament the “playable fun” value the previous games had.

I can honestly say I have beta-tested a lot of games, and I’ve played games which were beta-test quality.  (I do enjoy seeing work in development, I admit it.)

As a coder, I can appreciate the effort it takes to make a game.  High-quality, fun, memorable, and polished are words I could use to describe the better games which I feel deserve monetary compensation.  To earn those adjectives takes time, effort, skill, and / or talent.  (It is exceptionally rare to see an exception.)  Such praise does not come easily.

I have been holding off on releasing a lot of my work because it hasn’t met my standards for sharing.  It would be easy to release each of my just-started projects and then get back to them whenever I decide to.

Maybe my demands for quality from myself are too high… maybe I’m just not being reasonable.  I’m not sure.

The reason for this rant:  I found an author asking for donations for her games… and I do not believe they are worth donations.

I’m critical and demanding, sometimes.  I admit it.  I’m harshest toward myself, and then toward money-focused projects.  Lastly, I’m most relaxed toward those offering their work for free.

I can see encouraging a novice… there’s benefit to that, assuredly.

But I just cannot see supporting half-assed work.  Really.  Money is becoming harder and harder to acquire and I feel mine has better places to go and better causes to support.

I’m not going to call out the author directly… people will know if they find her work.

Some day when my work is good enough I may ask for compensation for my efforts.  I don’t want to be hypocritical.  I know someone out there will feel that my work is not worth a single cent.  Some people cannot be pleased.  Some people will not like my work at all.  I’m prepared for that (I think).

I like to think I’m sympathetic to other writers, coders, and creators.  …yet, I cannot seem to let this go.

I just felt (strangely) insulted by what she shared.  There were three works posted, and the best of the three asked for a donation when you attempt to download (a simple click on an unassuming link will get you the free download).

I feel bad ranting about it… but I had to vent this.  If you played them, you’d understand.  (I shared the author’s URL with a couple of other people and they agree with me. “Painful.”  “I think I’m insulted.”  “Do I have to finish this?  Please say I can stop now.”  “Am I having a heart attack? No? Just an aneurysm? Oh.”  “How long has she been pregnant? I haven’t seen a period from her in far too long.” [Some was paraphrased for humor.])

Positive takeaway — I am using this experience as a benchmark.  I will be certain to exceed the quality of that game before I realistically begin accepting donations for my work.

If she finds this, and realizes it is she who I am ranting about: “I am sorry. But this is how I feel.  I won’t call you out directly (trying to keep you anonymous!) and I am sure your work will improve over time… I hope so.”

As for now… I’m hoping her current games will be forgettable soon, so I can go onward and appreciate the hard work from others.

– Cam D

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