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May 5, 2015 / gameofslaves

Ideas and creativity…

I have SO MANY ideas.  I have stories.  I have games.  I have plots.  I have dialogue. I have images. I have shapes. I have styles. There are just so many things I’d love to share… but I have trouble getting it all out onto media where it can be shared.

I’m scattered. I admit it.

But… I am FAR from being out of ideas!

I received a private note about how I might want to just admit if I’m out of ideas and stop the blog…  and I laughed.

The problem isn’t a lack of ideas, but the complete opposite.  Too much flow at once and they kinda jam up the works.  A lot.

Recently, I sat down with someone and brain-dumped several ideas I had and they seemed very receptive to them… and quite interested in two of them.  There’s a chance of collaboration or possible funding to help make my ideas more than just flitting bursts of inspiration bouncing maniacally through my head.

I am a storyteller… I like to provide experiences… it is what I do.  It is part of who I am.

So… to any who might be wondering…  I have not given up on any of my projects, I just shuffle them around a bit.  I I really want to get some of my material available.  I have so many (creative and non-creative) things going on that I don’t post to the blog… but believe me when I say they’re there… those many things are in the process of being sorted out and expressed in a meaningful way, able to be shared with the world.

One of my little games is due to see the light of day soon… incomplete… but it shall see the light of day.  And I’ll need help with artwork… either commissioning it or collaborating…  but that’s one of the details which can wait until later on.

Hopefully, this will show that I’m not retiring any time soon.  I’m also thinking… and planning… and trying to decide what to work on next.  But, please bear in mind… this is hobby… and I have a very full life away from this.

Thank you for bearing with me.  My dreams will be realized… it’s just a matter of when.

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