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April 22, 2015 / gameofslaves

Proving myself wrong (maybe)

I have a small project that I am working on while I work on everything else.  The small one is staying small because all my bigger ideas are being kept to the bigger projects.  Hah!

So I’ve been keeping busy, of course.  It looks like my life drama is starting to come under control, so I’ve been working on my writing and coding again.

One of my major (under the radar) projects is wrapping up.  This will free me to do other stuff.


I understand posting alpha versions.  But I keep seeing people post things which would rate (in my mind) as VERY-PRE-alpha.  I mean if I’m going slow and I can finish it in less than a minute, then I don’t think it qualifies as ready for public dissemination.  If you want people to test your VERY-early-version code, then post a request in the forums asking for volunteers.  If you want to gauge opinions for a concept, again, post it to the forums!  I have done both and had excellent results!  It really frustrates me when it takes me longer to download a game than it takes to play it!

Rant over.  For now.


– Cam

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