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August 15, 2015 / gameofslaves

Still alive and kicking

This summer, I seem to be on par for one post per month.  Not the weekly effort I was maintaining, but still some form of consistency.

I have dropped Java.  It was very slow-going and the payoff was not worth the effort.  It reminded me why I stopped using C/C++ and opted for other higher-level programming languages.  It had power, yes.  But it required so much low-level work I spent more time focused on ensuring variables were assigned right than I spent on being creative.  At one time in my life, it was a worthwhile penalty which could be accommodated.  Now, I just have too much going on in my life to do it.

I have started studying Python.  In terms of rapid application development, it loses some performance compared to Java, but it makes up for it in several ways.  It is different enough from other languages I know where I’m not confusing the keywords and syntax.

I’ve been impressed with all I’ve seen of Python.  There’s tremendous community support, tools, and options.  So much yes!

I have begun work on a couple of new projects…  one of which might result in some cash-flow.

*deep breath*  While I still insist that I do not want to program in a business environment, getting some compensation for my efforts would be nice.  (Those who are not close to me will not see my efforts, but they are there.)  I don’t plan on charging money for my work, but accepting donations or maybe a Patreon system might be doable.  …and when it comes to The Game, it will cost a fair amount to maintain it, so I want to keep my options open.

More to come on this…

Speaking of The Game…  I had decided, a while back, that I wanted to use CoffeeMUD for The Game.  Now that I’ve dropped Java, however, I’m rethinking that decision.  (CoffeeMUD is AWESOME, please do not misunderstand!  It does everything I want, and so much more!  …and that ‘more’ is part of the issue… so much would have to be rewritten, I don’t know that it’s worthwhile.  Also, Java.)

I’m looking at MU* engines and codebases in Python.  We’ll see if any of them meet my needs (multi-platform, without requiring cumbersome software installs; open license, so I don’t have to make my code public or pay to use it commercially, etc).  If I don’t find the right option for my specs, then I can go back to CoffeMUD… and invest myself in it.

I’m still trying to get most of my story ideas out on paper.  It’s a challenge.  I was writing up a brainstorm sheet and… well…  I got a few ideas down, and while I writing one idea’s details I found myself exploring a couple of variants of it and then I was just listing more and more.  And then I wanted to start working on one of them.


When inspiration hits me, it hits hard.


I’ll write more for you… probably soon, as summer is coming to an end.


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