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September 8, 2015 / gameofslaves

Always forward…

At one place I worked, I put up a sign:

(not the actual sign, but extremely close!)

I don’t want to half-slow (which is “half-fast”) any of my projects, which is one of the big reasons things are taking so long.

Things are progressing forward.  Slowly, though.

I’m working on a preview / demo version of Slave Mastered.  It won’t be fully-featured with everything I want to include, but it will be a start.  It’s in Twine.  It’s coming along well, actually.  It will be more of a short-story than a slave-training simulator… from the other side.

We’ll see how things go.  For all I know, my games will suck with hackneyed writing, improbable plots, shallow characters, and indecipherable dialogue.  *shrug*

Time will tell… because I have yet to share anything worthwhile (my HBL map-travel demo doesn’t really count.)

[As guided by a fortune cookie I just consumed (@01:00 in the AM), “list the positives”.]  Perhaps my  results will not be so bad.

  • I have been working this blog for some time now (almost three years?).
  • I have been documenting my progress on my various projects.
  • My writing has been improving.
  • My ‘visions’ for my projects have become clearer and clearer.
  • I’ve stayed largely optimistic.
  • I can see the requirements to make my projects into realities.

I can make them happen.  I just have to do it.  I simply have to get to my destinations.

Easy, right?


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