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March 24, 2016 / gameofslaves

The Game – Development continues

Game of Slaves (a/k/a “The Game”) is continuing development.  (I suppose I should update the respective pages.)

I’ve opted to go with a very bare-bones MU* engine which is Python-based – Evennia.   I didn’t want an engine with combat and challenge resolution already built-in.  What I’m planning isn’t going to involve a lot of combat…  yet.

Right now, the concept is more of a social gathering place, but with a fair number of TF options thrown in.

I’ve been on a few chatter/talker sites where you can pick your TF and set descriptions  with a few direct keystrokes.  That’s fine for those sites.  The Game (GoS) is intended as more of a game, though.  I find there’s not much challenge to becoming a multilingual male cat-morph with tea-service skills if you can set your description with

/desc me: is a male cat-morph who speaks six languages and knows how to properly serve tea in the Japanese and Chinese styles.

However, finding a cat-morph who’s willing to help shape you, while you seek out and study guides on proper tea-serving, while learning a few languages, while keeping your mind sharp enough to recall all these things your learning, and training you body to move fluidly as you do all of the above…  that’s a challenge.  And challenges make for a game.

Having said that, I can’t make it too easy.  I also can’t make it too difficult, either.  This is where fine-tuning will come in.  …but that’s all further down the line.

The engine I’m using is up and running on a test box, where I’ve starting my alpha coding.  I will soon put out a request to have some alpha-testers play around with it and give feedback.  With good feedback and a pretty stable engine, GoS will be good to go pretty soon.

I have SO MANY ideas for GoS, but I want to start with the basics and build up from there.

I’m starting with the Orphanage – where you build your initial TF character.  From there, I’ll build the town.

As I build, and as I gain players, I’ll decide if I want to continue to host it on my personal internet connection.  If the traffic impacts my normal usage, then I’ll probably host it elsewhere… and we’ll go over options at that time.

TL;DR: Game of Slaves is seeing real progress.  It’s happening!  (Finally!)  More news to follow as it comes.


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