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April 23, 2016 / gameofslaves

Work continues – Update about me

Learning a programming language does not make one a talented or experienced programmer.  (I like to think I am, but…)

I was going to pontificate on what makes for a good programmer or coder, what I’ve learned over the years, and how that relates to me today.  I’ve decided to take a different tact: the rarely-seen “short version”, a rarity among bloggers these days.


Short version:  I learned the basics of Python.  I picked it because it was different from most other languages I know.  Because it is so different, I have to change the way I approach coding.  One of Python’s basic tenets is “simple is better than clever”.  Dammit.  So, I’m writing small blocks of code and tiny tools to get better at coding in Python, earning experience with this new paradigm.

Shorter version: Learned new programming language. Learning new ways to program.  Gaining experience.

And that’s my progress update about me.  Project progress updates coming up.


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