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April 23, 2016 / gameofslaves

More updates – Projects

I’m trying to decide which of my projects would gain the most from my limited experience with the Python programming language.  …it’s not as easy as it might seem.

I’ve been coding long enough to know my limitations.  I’ve been thinking about my projects enough to know which ones are more complex and more simple.  I have a “vision” or “feel” of how most of the games should play:

  • Game of Slaves – Multiplayer, very flexible (probably text based because of this), cross-platform
  • Slave Mastered – Story-focused, but swayed by player interest and choice
  • Hell Breaks Loose – Maze-ish, click navigable, ability to explore, Easter Eggs hidden throughout

There are others, too,  (Yes, even some not mentioned in the blog.)

Right now, I’m doing an evaluation of my projects.  I’m trying to determine which game(s) are within my scope of knowledge and experience, which are close, and which are going to need a lot more time.  It sounds simple, I know.  But there are other factors to consider (such as which engine to use and how my proficiency with that engine factors in).

Aside from the aforementioned lists and comparisons, I’m doing small tasks and demos to familiarize myself with the tools I have at-hand.

Tah for now!

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