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May 7, 2016 / gameofslaves

Discipline and updates

I recently started a message thread regarding a concept I’d been toying with.  The toying had been ongoing for several weeks, after another week of rumbling in my brain.  I finally sat down and began work.  I wrote some scenes.  I worked on some mechanics.  I put all my notes into order and was making great progress.

…until I posted something.

After I posted my concept’s basics, I lost interest in pursuing it for several days.  When I realized this, I forced myself to work on it.  It was slow, but I had done a lot of planning and note-taking so I was able to push through.  And now, I’m back to inspired progress.

I suppose I could force myself to do the same with my other projects, too.  In general, I don’t write anything (here in the blog or on message forums) if an idea lacks any substance.  One-shot stories, throwaway premises, five-minute games…  they all end up being filed away but never mentioned in public.

It should come as no surprise that I have many, MANY moments of inspiration which you’ll never see or hear.

I want to share most of my ideas, but I don’t have the time… the skill… or other resources to share them.

Several posts back (months? years?), I mentioned how I lacked discipline to see my projects beyond concept.  I’m proving, now, that I have the discipline and skills to push onward.  I have set myself a loose schedule and I’m doing fairly well at staying true to that schedule.  But…  I’m not making any promises as to when I will release Miss Andry to the wilds of the Internet.

Progress is made; it doesn’t just happen.  I am making progress, even when I’d rather be playing a game.  (But, is the game I’m making one that I’d want to play?  Is that a factor?  Hm.)


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