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May 30, 2016 / gameofslaves

Short and Sweet update

Long holiday weekend.  (Memorial Day in the U.S.)

I spent half a day dinking with other games to get it out of my system – done.

Since then, I’ve been writing and coding like an idiot.

I’m more than mildly perturbed at myself for an annoying pattern I’ve noticed…  when I post something about a project, I lose interest soon after.  Wait!  To be more accurate:  My interest-level drops; it doesn’t disappear.

Ergo, if I have more interest in another project, I jump to that one instead.

I lack discipline.  I know that.  I have one project which I feel I ‘owe’ to someone, so that’s kept me motivated.  Maybe I should start a Patreon page?  If I feel I ‘owe’ work to someone(s), that might keep me focused.

Interesting idea, I think.  And it might result in less stress in my day-to-day life.

Writing continues.  Coding continues.  Design continues.

“So many projects, so little time.”


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