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November 12, 2016 / gameofslaves

Me? Yep, still here… doing my thing(s)…

So, I was on a heavy creativity kick for MONTHS.  When I finally thought I’d burnt it out, a couple of days later it was back with just as much force.

What have I been doing?  (Aside from working full time, having a social life, and trying keep my responsibilities in line?)  Writing, coding, playing… a lot.   I even managed to watch a season of a TV series.  (“Just one?”   Yes.  Like I said, I was was busy with the writing, coding, and gaming.)

I’ve also been helping a (non-programmer) friend with a (game-build) task she volunteered for… and then ran into Life Events face-first.  I think she’s back on track now.  Hopefully, she’ll have something to share with the world soon… and I’ll give a little bit of screen-space to her project.

And to top things off, I had just finished earning nearly all the (non-Breach) Achievements for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided… and now Dishonored 2 is out… *sigh*  must… play…  learn new story…  (I’m already kinda far in.  Enjoying it.  Playing on console, so not having much of the trouble WinBox players are having with it.)

Also… also…  I have a little box up and running the starter framework for The Game….  (Game of Slaves)  …the MUD engine is running fine.  I’m still working out the scope of what I want vs what I can actually do.  *grin*  I’ve done it a few times, and it will probably go through a few more revisions… before anything public happens with it.

Actually, I just had an idea…  If my other projects take off and garner a following, I may be able to get enough people to help me work out the hiccups in The Game.  Hm.  Not ready for that yet…  but getting closer!

A wise person, an author, said something akin to:  “An author’s first million words are worthless as a representation of what they’re capable of achieving.  You still have to get through the first million, no matter how brilliant you are.”  I see the truth in this.  I think it also applies to coding and programming.

I’m also learning that my first take on a scene is just me getting it out.  The second version tends to be much more cohesive and efficient. The same does not hold true for programming and coding.  Interesting, I think.  Maybe because in one instance I’m writing for machines, in the other I’m writing for people.

That’s enough of an update for now.  More to come as it does.


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