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July 15, 2014 / gameofslaves

Early ALPHA test text

This is output captured from one of my test runs. I know about the missing closing quote at the end of the second to last paragraph. I did do some editing, but only notations, I left everything else as it came off Chrome’s pages. (Oh! I also pulled Fanci’s description from her description page! So you’ll know who you’re dealing with.) I know I could have chosen a naughtier sample, but I felt this showed off the most features.

Background: I’ve picked the middle-of-the-road options on everything, so far. I started as a woman, and Bruce (my trainer) decided he wanted to make me a man… or a futa / herm. Nope, Fanci spilled the beans… she says ‘man’. Maybe I should leave that little slip-up in place… or maybe I should have her correct herself… or maybe not have her slip up at all. What do YOU think?

This is ALPHA TEST output… very subject to change, of course!

Feedback is encouraged.  I have opened anonymous replies.  If it is abused, they will be disabled without discussion.  

{First time to etiquette class — Below, everything in {curly braces} is dynamic and changes based on your stats and experiences… or could be random.}

Your escort left you in the entry room at “Fanci’s School of Decorum”.

A woman [Fanci is tall and imposing, with long black hair {flowing across her shoulders}. She is wearing a black and red leather corset with a tight pencil skirt which flows down her legs, only stopping a couple of inches above her ankles. She is wearing black very high heels with ankle straps, without platform toes. Her makeup is a little severe, strong dark shades and red lips over pale skin. Around her neck, she wears a black choker with an ivory cameo.] enters from the west, as the scarlet curtain is pushed to the side. She looks you over, appraisingly. “{Bruce} has good taste, as always.”

{She snickers softly. “You used to be a {woman}, {Bruce} says. Well on your way to becoming ‘something else’, I say.”}

“I am Fanci. It is my name. You will address me as ‘Miss Fanci’, ‘Miss’, ‘Madam’, ‘Madame’, or ‘Mistress’. Failure to do so will result in punishment. For the next week, you will be schooled in social graces and acting like a {man} in the presence of others. Am I making myself clear?”

<<survey>> [Answer: Middle and middle.]

She looks you directly in the eyes. “{We shall see if I cannot improve your outlook on things.} {And perhaps impart some modicum of class upon you.}”

With that, she guides you out of the entry room.

Your next week is spent learning about cultural expectations, proper ways to address others, which fork to use when eating flan, and how to dress to accentuate the body {Bruce} is pushing you toward. It seems {Bruce} has let Fanci know of his plans for you.

There were others in class with you. You were only permitted to speak with them as directed by Miss Fanci and her staff. Some were pretty girls, some were manly men, and a few others were… special.

Punishments were doled out only to those who deserved such treatment, and the staff was fair in deciding who deserved what. {You witnessed three people misbehaving: one was not permitted to eat for a day, leading to poor health; another was spanked with a flexible narrow rod which left angry red welts on his backside for days; and the last was ejected from class and not seen since.}

On the positive side, you were allowed to sleep in a private room with a real bed, pillow, and blankets. You were also fed some excellent meals. (How else could you learn how to eat soufflé properly?)

<<survey>> [Answer: Middle and middle.]

{You managed to avoid any noteworthy punishment to be notable.}

Fanci eyes you carefully, as you wait for your escort to take you back to Bruce. {“You would get more out of your training if you put more into it.} {Perhaps next time, you’ll allow yourself to enjoy it more.}

Your escort arrives… right on time, of course.

I need to fix “noteworthy punishment to be notable”. Also, first survey should have text before it asking “How will you respond?”, and the second survey should have leading text “How did you take to your class sessions?” …I see what went wrong. Will be fixed ASAP.

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